GPS Particle Asset Tracker Shield

AED 120.00



The Particle Asset Tracker shield is designed to be used with Particle development boards, specifically for asset tracking applications. The shield provides connectivity and functionality for tracking assets using the Particle ecosystem.

Features of the Particle Asset Tracker Shield:

  1. 3G Cellular Connectivity: The shield comes with built-in 3G cellular connectivity, specifically designed for use in the Americas (North, Central, and South America) and Australia regions. This allows the asset tracker to communicate over cellular networks and send/receive data, making it suitable for tracking assets in various locations.
  2. GNSS Support: The shield integrates a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, enabling accurate positioning and tracking. It supports multiple GNSS networks, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou. Leveraging these networks enhances positioning accuracy and provides global coverage for asset-tracking applications.
  3. Accelerometer and Temperature Sensor: The shield incorporates an accelerometer, allowing it to detect and measure motion or changes in acceleration. This feature enables monitoring of asset movement or vibrations. Additionally, the shield includes a temperature sensor to track ambient temperature conditions, providing additional environmental data for asset-tracking purposes.
  4. Built-in Antenna: The shield includes a built-in antenna for cellular and GNSS connectivity. This eliminates the need for external antennas, simplifying the setup process and making it more convenient for users.
  5. Expansion Connectors: The shield offers expansion connectors, enabling additional sensors or peripherals to be connected. This expandability allows customization and integration of specific sensors or modules based on the tracking requirements of the assets.
  6. Particle Ecosystem Integration: The Asset Tracker Shield is designed to work seamlessly with the Particle ecosystem, including the Particle development boards and Particle Cloud platform. This integration provides a robust framework for device management, data visualization, and remote monitoring of assets.

Please note that the information provided here pertains specifically to the shield inside the Particle Asset Tracker - 3G Americas/Aus Kit. The shield is intended to be used in conjunction with compatible Particle development boards to create a complete asset-tracking solution.