Kingston Canvas Go! Plus 64GB MicroSD Card with Adapter

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The Kingston Canvas Go! Plus 64GB MicroSD Card is a high-performance memory card specifically designed for use with popular single-board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi 4. With its impressive specifications and features, this memory card offers excellent performance and convenience. With a storage capacity of 64GB, the card provides ample space to store your data, including operating systems, applications, and multimedia files. Whether you are using it for general computing tasks or multimedia-intensive projects, this card offers sufficient storage for your needs.

The standout feature of the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD Card is its exceptional speed. It boasts a blazing-fast read speed of up to 170MB/s, allowing for quick access to your data. This is particularly advantageous when transferring large files or loading operating systems onto the card. Additionally, the card offers a write speed of up to 70MB/s, ensuring fast and efficient data writing, which is crucial for tasks like capturing high-resolution photos or recording 4K videos. For users engaged in photography or videography, the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus MicroSD Card delivers the performance necessary for handling 4K video recording with its U3 and V30 speed performance ratings. These speed classifications guarantee sustained minimum write speeds, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted video capture. In addition to its impressive speed and capacity, this memory card also features A2 application performance. This means that it meets specific requirements for running applications on mobile devices, offering enhanced performance and responsiveness, especially when dealing with resource-intensive applications. The Kingston Canvas Go! Plus 64GB MicroSD Card comes bundled with a MicroSD to SD Card adapter. This adapter allows you to easily use the card with most modern PCs and laptops that feature an SD card slot. This versatility ensures that you can effortlessly transfer files between devices and access your data on various platforms.

It's worth noting that this MicroSD card has been tested and confirmed to meet the performance requirements of the new Raspberry Pi 4, ensuring optimal compatibility and functionality when used with this popular single-board computer.