Raspberry Pi Headers Extended 2x20 Female Pin GPIO (SparkFun)

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The 2x20 pin female header is a connector designed to extend the reach of boards with a standard 2x20 GPIO pin layout. It is primarily used with devices like the Raspberry Pi, Google Coral, and NVIDIA Jetson, which features the same pin footprint. This header allows you to connect additional components or accessories to these boards, enhancing their functionality. One of the main purposes of this female header is to provide an extension for boards that lack headers. By soldering this pin header onto Pi HATs (Hardware Attached on Top), which are add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi, you can conveniently connect them to the main board.

However, it is important to consider the board's layout and component height before using this header. It is suitable for boards that are populated only on the top side or where the component height does not interfere. In the case of a two-layer board, this assumption holds The pin header has a height of 13.5mm, meaning it extends vertically from the board once soldered. The length of the pins themselves is 9.80mm. These dimensions provide enough clearance for the connection while ensuring a secure fit.

Furthermore, the header adheres to the standard 0.1" spacing, which is a common pitch used for various connectors and components. This ensures compatibility with other accessories and components that utilize the same spacing, allowing for easy integration into existing setups.

It is crucial to note that this product only includes the header itself. The Raspberry Pi, enclosure, Servo pHAT (a HAT for controlling servos), and Qwiic SHIM (a Raspberry Pi interface) mentioned in the note are sold separately.