Motor DC Metal Geared 12V 251RPM 18Kg.cm With Encoder

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The GB37Y3530-12V-251R is a robust gear motor with an integrated encoder, designed for high-performance applications. This versatile motor model combines a potent 12V motor with a precision-engineered 43.8:1 metal gearbox, resulting in exceptional power and control. Its integrated quadrature encoder offers precise positional feedback, with a resolution of 16 counts per revolution of the motor shaft, which translates to 700 counts per revolution of the gearbox's output shaft. The motor features a compact yet sturdy design with a 0.61" long, 6 mm (0.24")-diameter D-shaped output shaft, ensuring compatibility with a range of mechanical systems.


Package Includes:

  • GB37Y3530-12V-251R Gear Motor w/Encoder  x1



  • Powerful Motor: The motor operates on a 12V power supply, delivering robust performance for a variety of applications.
  • Low Voltage Operation: Capable of initiating rotation at voltages as low as 1V, offering flexibility and efficiency in different operating conditions.
  • Integrated Quadrature Encoder: Equipped with an integrated quadrature encoder that provides precise positional feedback, enabling accurate control and monitoring of motor shaft rotation.
  • High Gear Ratio: The motor is paired with a 43.8:1 metal gearbox, increasing torque output while reducing speed, making it suitable for applications requiring both power and control.
  • D-Shaped Output Shaft: The motor features a 0.61" long, 6 mm (0.24")-diameter D-shaped output shaft, ensuring a secure connection to mechanical components and preventing slippage.
  • Mounting Versatility: The face plate of the motor has six evenly spaced mounting holes threaded for M3 screws, forming a regular hexagon pattern. These mounting options provide flexibility in integrating the motor into various setups.
  • Caution in Mounting: The manufacturer advises against over-screwing into the mounting holes to prevent contact with the internal gears. The recommended screw depth is no more than 3mm (1/8").
  • Gear ratio: 43.8:1
  • No-load speed: 251 + 10% RPM
  • No-load current: 350 mA
  • Start Voltage: 1.0 V
  • Stall Torque: 18 Kg.cm
  • Stall Current: 7 A
  • Insulation resistance: 20 M Ω
  • EncoderOperating Voltage: 5 V
  • Encoder type: Hall
  • Encoder Resolution: 16CPR(motor shaft)/700CPR(gearbox shaft)
  • Weight: 205g