Cable Connector 4Pin PH 2.0mm Double Female Head Red-White 20cm DuPont Terminal Wire

AED 3.00



Electronic Wire Terminal Wire Cable Connector, 4double Female Head, 2.00mm Pitch, 20cm widely utilized in LED lights, cables, electrical tools, instruments, circuit boards, motor lead wires, and internal connection wires for electronics and lighting high conductivity, anti-rust, and corrosion resistance of tinned copper wire core Using premium PA66, the dustproof, anti-corrosion, and insulation all have flame retardant safety



Type JST PH 2mm Connector
Pins 4 Pin
Length 20 cm
Cable 26 AWG
Style Double head
Pitch 2.0 mm
Color Red and white
Feature JST PH 2.0 4 Pin Female Wire Cables Connector 200mm


Package Includes:

1 x 4Pins PH 2.0 Red White electronic wire