3D Printer Accessories Linear Bearing LM8LUU 8x15x45

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Linear motion systems frequently employ closed linear bearings.
The bearing steel outer jacket is used.  Because they include a rubber seal that prevents various forms of filings or dirt from entering the bearing, they are ideal for use in unclean industrial environments. Linear ball bearings are one of the most fundamental and essential components of the linear motion technology. The structure itself, as well as its tremendous strength and lifespan, is undeniably a technological feat.



  • maximum travel speed from 3-5m / s
  • coefficient of friction: 0.001-0.005
  • work in temperatures -20 to + 80 ° 
  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Outer diameter: 15mm
  • Length: 45mm


Package Includes:

1 x 8mm Linear Bearing 8x15x45