DC-DC Voltage Regulator IC 24V 1.5A L7824

AED 3.15



Linear integrated circuit positive voltage regulator with output current up to 1.5 A the output voltage is 24v it has an overload protection short circuit protection available in TO-220 making it useful in a wide range of application, These regulators can provide local on-board regulation, eliminating the distortion problems associated with single point regulation.



  • TO-220 Package and other packages
  • Output current 1A to 1.5A
  • Built-in Short circuit shutdown function
  • Built-in Overheat shutdown function
  • Reliable and long life
  • Low cost and easily available
  • Ideal to use in commercial equipment
  • Output voltages of 24 V
  • Output transition SOA protection
  • 2 % output voltage tolerance
  • Max voltage Inpute: 35v

Pinout of the IC:

78xx Pin-out

Package Includes:

1 x DC-DC Voltage Regulator IC 24V 1.5A L7824