DC-DC Voltage Regulator IC 6V 1.5A L7806

AED 3.15



Linear integrated circuit positive voltage regulator with output current up to 1.5 A the output voltage is 6v it has an overload protection short circuit protection available in TO-220 making it useful in a wide range of application, These regulators can provide local on-board regulation, eliminating the distortion problems associated with single point regulation.



Maximum Ratings
VIN Maximum Input Voltage 35V
IO Maximum Output Current 1.5A (Typical)
IMAX Peak Surge Current (typ) 2.2A
Operating Ratings
VO Output Voltage 6.0V +/- 2%
VI – VO Drop-out Voltage 2.0V (typical)
Package TO-220
Package Type
Plastic Tab, 3-lead, through hole
Manufacturer ST
Datasheet L7806

Pinout of the IC:

78xx Pin-out

Package Includes:

1 x DC-DC Voltage Regulator IC 6V 1.5A L7806