Wireless Particle Maker Kit with Photon

AED 499.00



The Particle Maker Kit has just about everything you need to get started with your Particle Photon. It's the kind of no-nonsense starter kit that's filled with all the components and accessories you need to build simple internet-enabled projects and up your hacker level from zero to hardware hero.

This kit also includes a pretty nifty carrying case that you can tidy up your projects with and keep displayed on your workbench.

Kit includes:

  • Plastic case: 7" x 4.9" x 1.8"
  • Photon w/ headers
  • USB Micro B Cable
  • Flex Antenna
  • Mini Breadboard
  • Proto-board
  • Deluxe Jumper Wire Pack
  • Male to female jumper wires x 10
  • Battery Holder - 4 x AA
  • 12-pin Female Headers x 5
  • 40-pin Male breakaway headers x 2
  • 10nF Ceramic Capacitor x10
  • 100nF Ceramic Capacitor x10
  • 100 uF Electrolytic Capacitor x5
  • Red LED x5
  • Green LED x5
  • IN4004 DIode x6
  • IR LED
  • 220 Ohm Resistors x10
  • 1K Ohm Resistors x10
  • 10k Ohm Resistors x10
  • Photocells x2
  • 10K Rotary Potentiometer
  • DS18B20 Temp sensor
  • Waterproof DS18B20 Temp Sensor w/ wires
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Mini pushbuttons x3
  • SPDT Switch x2
  • SPDT Relay
  • S9013 NPN Transistor
  • PIR Sensor
  • Pancake Vibration Motor
  • Micro Servo
  • Serial OLED Screen 0.96"

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