Battery Charging Balancer for Lithium-ion 18650 16.8V 40A 4S

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The 4S 14.8V 16.8V 40A Lithium Battery Protection Board is a compact and efficient electronic component designed for safeguarding and managing the performance of 18650 lithium batteries. This protection board is equipped with a recovery function, providing an automatic recovery mechanism for enhanced durability and reliability.



  • 4 string 16.8V 40A lithium battery protection board (comes with recovery function-AUTO Recovery)
  • Scope: Nominal voltage of 3.6V, 3.7V lithium battery 
  • Product Size: 46 * 60 * 3.4mm (balanced version)
  • Product weight: 10.3g (balanced version)
  • Charging voltage: 16.8V - 18.1V
  • Continuous discharge current (upper limit): 40A (if the cooling environment is not good, please reduce the load current use)
  • Continuous charge current (upper limit): 20A



  • Voltage Compatibility: Designed for 4-string lithium battery packs with a nominal voltage of 3.6V or 3.7V per cell.
  • Compact Size: The protection board features a compact design with dimensions of 46 * 60 * 3.4mm and a lightweight profile, weighing only 10.3g.
  • Charging Parameters: The board supports charging voltages within the range of 16.8V to 18.1V, ensuring optimal charging conditions for the connected lithium battery pack.
  • Discharge and Charge Limits: With a continuous discharge current limit of 40A (Note: the load current should be reduced in suboptimal cooling conditions) and a continuous charge current limit of 20A, this protection board provides reliable control over the battery's power flow.



This Lithium Battery Protection Board is ideal for various electronic applications utilizing 4-cell lithium battery configurations. It ensures the safety and longevity of the battery pack by preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and balancing the individual cells.

Connections schematic: