Microwave Doppler Radar HFS-DC06 5.8GHz Motion Detector

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The HFS-DC06 is a Microwave Radar Sensor that is designed for movement detection, like intruder alarms, occupancy modules, home automation, sea ice monitoring, biosensing, Robotics, smart factory, smart agriculture, forestry, military equipment, and other innovative ideas.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x HFS-DC06 Motion Proximity Sensor



  • 5.8G panel antenna with long sensing distance and stable performance
  • Strong anti-interference ability and high stability
  • Small size, suitable for all kinds of products, which require DC microwave modules



The Microwave Radar Sensor HFS-DC06 is intended for movement sensing in applications including burglar alarms, occupancy modules, home automation, sea ice monitoring, biosensing, robotics, smart factories, smart agriculture, and forestry. This module has a specified sensing range of up to 4 meters. However, under the correct circumstances, this sensor can perform up to 20 meters. The sensor is powered by a stable 5V. To acquire the best coverage, the user can adjust the module's orientation. Although it delivers great precision and high range, it is comparable to the HW-MS03.


Principle of Work:

The microwave signals are captured and generated by the integrated antenna. When the antenna detects a reflected signal, it transmits it to the mixer/amplifier. It combines the transmitted and reflected signals and sends the difference to the IC for processing. The IC will send an output voltage signal indicating the distance between the body and the sensor.


Pinout of the Module:



is connected to the positive pole of the power supply,
is connected to the negative pole of the power supply,
OUT connected to the level signal


  • Home Automation systems
  • Radars
  • Intrusion alarm systems





The module does not need a Library to function with Arduino


#define inPin  2 
#define Led_Pin 13
void setup()
   pinMode(inPin, INPUT);  // Initializing the declared inPin as INPUT 
   pinMode(Led_Pin, OUTPUT); // Initializing the declared Led_Pin as OUTPUT 
   Serial.println("HFS-DC06 Radar test");
void loop()
  bool reading = digitalRead(inPin);  
  if (reading == HIGH) 
    digitalWrite(Led_Pin, HIGH);     
  if (reading == LOW) 
     Serial.println("NO MOVEMENT!");
     digitalWrite(Led_Pin, LOW);   
     delay(500); // wait 0.5 second


Technical Details:

Appearance size: 40*22*12mm
Frequency: 5.8GHz ±75M
Band: ISM band
Input voltage: DC5V/8-15V/12-30V
Output mode:
5V level output (minimum input current: 30mA)
Installation height: 2-15 meters
Induction distance:
more than 3-20 meters (adjustable)
Sensing angle: 180 degrees in front
Induction time: 2-120 seconds (adjustable)




Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Doppler Effect – A Wikipedia article on the Doppler Effect.



The HFSDC06 is just like the RCWL-0516 and is based on the microwave doppler effect, which means that when there is motion, the microwave tends to change its frequency due to the Doppler effect, which is read by the sensor, and motion is detected. the HFSDC06 has an adjustable delay time and Higher range than the RCWL-0516 Sensor but still the RCWL-0516 needs a lower current in using so it is better for projects on batteries.