Robot 4WD Smart Car Chassis With Plastic Gear and Servo Bearing Blue Wheels Kit

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This car chassis, offers a professionally controled racing method. The rear-wheel steering system has been innovatively modified, featuring a motor integrally formed with an aluminum mounting piece. The motor is securely connected to the driving shaft, and the gear motor is constructed entirely of metal, ensuring durability and reliability. For those seeking speed, a motor with a 25mm shaft diameter is recommended for optimal performance.


Package includes:

  • 1 x Robot 4WD Smart Car Chassis With Plastic Gear and Servo Bearing Blue Wheels Kit Standerdspeed




  • Vehicle Weight: Weighing 700g, this chassis balances sturdiness and maneuverability.
  • Dimensions: The chassis measures 235mm in length, 146.8mm in width, and 64mm in height, providing a compact yet functional size for various applications.
  • Minimum Ground Distance: With a minimum ground distance of 16mm, the chassis ensures stability and adaptability on different surfaces.
  • Minimum Turning Radius: Achieve tight turns with a minimum turning radius of 45cm, enhancing the agility of the smart car.
  • Speed Types: The chassis supports different speed types, including 371 photoelectric speed and 371 Hall speed, offering versatility for various robotic applications.
  • Long * Width * Height: 235 * 146.8 * 64 Unit: mm
  • Minimum ground distance: 16mm
  • Speed type: 371 photoelectric speed, 371 Hall speed
  • Minimum turning radius: 45cm
  • Vehicle weight: 700g
Robot 4WD Smart Car Chassis