IR Flame Sensor 5 Channels Module

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The five-channel flame sensor has a large detection range of more than 120 degrees. The range decreases as the distance rises; it may produce a digital signal (high and low) as well as an analog signal (voltage signal); it has five outputs. The detecting distance of the digital output may be adjusted. The sensitivity of the analog output can be changed. It's been Onboard It functioned on a 3.3V-9V power supply and is compatible with most SCM systems, having 3 M3 mounting holes for simple installation.


  • 5-channel infrared flame sensor
  • Voltage: 3.3 - 9V
  • Outputs: Analog & Digital
  • Detection range:> 120 degrees


Connections of the 5 Channels Flame Sensor Module with Arduino:

  • GND pin of the sensor to GND pin of Arduino
  • Vcc pin of the sensor to +5Volts (5V) pin of Arduino
  •  we use A1 pin of sensor (also if you want you can use all analog pins) to A0 pin of Arduino

 Simple Arduino Code for the 5 Channels Flame Sensor Module :

const int sensorMin = 0;     // sensor minimum
const int sensorMax = 1024;  // sensor maximum

void setup() {
void loop() {
  // read the sensor on analog A0:
int sensorReading = analogRead(A0);
int range = map(sensorReading, sensorMin, sensorMax, 0, 3);
  // range value:
  switch (range) {
  case 0:    //No fire detected 
    Serial.println("** Νο Fire **");
  case 1:    // A fire between 1-3 feet away.
    Serial.println("** Fire **");

 now you should open the Arduino IDE and If the sensor board detects fire you will see the word fire on it.