Amplifier Module LM358 1000 Times Signal Gain

AED 10.00



The LM358 is a two-stage operational amplifier that can amplify DC weak signals such as DC voltage signals and DC pulse signals, it can amplify signals of millivolts or even weaker ones. It has two potentiometers, one for the first stage and the other for the second stage, and can perform single-stage magnification adjustment, but the total scaling is the product of the two-stage multiple, so the magnification will be adjusted to a large extent.

Power supply voltage: 3.5-24V DC power supply
Current output: maximum 15-20MA (non-linear)
Voltage output: output = input voltage signal * magnification
Magnification: Total multiple = first multiple * second multiple multiple
Board size: length 45.3mm width 16.2mm
1. The maximum multiple is 1000 times.
2.The two potentiometers on the board are rotated counterclockwise to increase the multiple.
Package Included:
1 x LM358 Weak Signal Amplifier Voltage Amplifier Secondary Operational