DC-DC Boost Step-up Module With Display 4.5V-32V To 5V-40V XL6009 Upgraded

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The Upgraded DC-DC Boost Step-up Module with display has an operating voltage range from 5 to 32 volts, with an input voltage range of 3 to 32 volts (the boost below 5 volts typically works, but the digital display does not). It features a 5V to 40V thrust output voltage range. Built-in 4A high-efficiency MOSFET switch increases efficiency to 94% (LM2577 current is only 3A), and the ultra-high switching frequency of 400KHz allows for outstanding performance with small-capacity filter capacitors while reducing ripple and volume. (The LM2577 only operates at 50KHz.) and The input display indicator (IN indicator) is on when the digital display shows the input voltage, and the output display indicator (OUT indicator) is on when the digital display shows the output voltage.




  • With terminals, it is easy to use without a soldering iron, and the connection points of the soldering wires are reserved
  • With overheat protection and short-circuit protection
  • Size 65*39*14mm
  • Weight 24g
  • Module nature: non-isolated boost (BOOST) Rectification
  • method: asynchronous rectification
  • Input current: 4A (), no-load 18mA (5V input, 8V output, no-load less than 18mA. The higher the voltage, the greater the no-load current.)
  • Conversion efficiency: <94% (the greater the pressure difference, the lower the efficiency)
  • Switching frequency: 400KHz
  • Output ripple: 50mV (the higher the voltage, the larger the current, the larger the ripple)
  • Load regulation: ± 0.5%
  • Voltage regulation rate: ± 0.5%
  • Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85℃
  • Size: 65mm*39mm*14mm


Pinout of the Module:

  • IN +: Input positive
  • IN-: Input negative pole
  • OUT +: Output positive
  • OUT- : Output negative pole


Button function :

Each time the button is pressed, the voltage displayed on the digital Display switches between the input and output voltages. At the same time, the input LED and output indicator LED on the board are also switched, Press and hold the button for 2 seconds, and turn off the digital display.


Test comparison sample reference:

  • Input 5V Output 12V 0.8A 9.6W Input 7.4V Output 12V 1.5A
  • 18W
  • Input 12V Output 15V 2A 30W
  • Input 12V Output 16V 2A 32W
  • Input 12V Output 18V
  • 1.6A 28.8W Input 12V Output 19V 1.5A 28.5W
  • Input 12V Output 24V 1A 24W
  • Input 3V Output 12V 0.4A 4.8W



Application range:

This module can be used in the boost area where the output voltage is higher than the input voltage, such as batteries, transformers, DIY adjustable regulated power supplies, 24V car notebook power supplies, industrial equipment step-down, 9 to 12V, 12V to 18V, 18V to 24V , etc.