Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Basic IO Mini Base Expansion Board CM4

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Mini Base Board For Compute Module 4 For The Raspberry Pi CM4 Or Being Integrated Into End Products with PoE function, which can be used with all versions of CM4.

Note: Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Not Included in the packege

1: This model only supports a 5V fan and cannot work with the 12V fan. Please confirm the fan voltage before connecting.
2: The DSI Display Port is connecting the DSI0 interface of the CM4, and doesn't use the DSI1 display interface.
3: The Type C interface can be used for the power supply or USB SLAVE interface for burning the image.
4: In order to ensure the normal power supply of CM4, please do not connect other devices when using the Type C interface to burn the image.
5: It needs to use a 5V 2A power supply for CM4. Otherwise, problems such as automatic shutdown, frequency reduction, etc. may occur.
6: When using the M.2 interface, please use the matching screws. Using screws of other lengths may cause the CM4 core to be damaged by the screws.
7: The module doesn't have any protection circuit, please do not short-circuit the power supply.
8: USB2.0 is closed by default, if you need to open it, you need to add dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host in config.txt.
9.HDMI1 uses a flat cable output, if you need to use it, you can purchase an HDMI adapter.
10. This expansion board does not support the POE function.


Includes Onboard:


No. Component Description
1 CM4 connector Suitable for all versions of Compute Module 4
2 DC power supply/programming interface 5V/2.5A power supply also can be used as an eMMC programming interface
3 DISP Interface MIPI DSI Display interface
4 FAN Interface For connecting cooling fan, allows speed adjustment and measurement, only support 5V fan.
5 CAM Interface Dual MIPI CSI camera interface
6 HDMI0 Interface HDMI Interface,Support 4K 30fps output
7 USB 2.0 Interface 2-channel USB 2.0 Interface, for connecting sorts of USB devices
8 Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 connector, with 10 / 100 / 1000M network support
9 M.2 indicators Indicating the operating status of the M.2 interface
10 ACT indicators Raspberry Pi operating status indicator
11 PWR indicators Raspberry Pi power indicator
12 BOOT selection jumper shorted: CM4 would be booted from the USB-C interface
jumper opened: CM4 would be booted from eMMC or Micro SD card
13 40PIN GPIO Interface Conveniently connect various HAT modules
14 Micro SD Card interface For connecting a Micro SD card with a pre-burnt image (Lite variant ONLY).
15 HDMI1 interface HDMI1 Interface,Support 4K 30fps output
16 USB 2.0 interface Can be connected through an adapter
17 FE1.1S USB HUB chip, expanding one USB port to 4x ports
18 M.2 Interface Supports sorts of NVME SSD, or communication modules with PCIE M.2 KEY-M interface
19 RTC Allows RTC-related functions like wakeup, shutdown, reboot, and more
20 RTC interrupt pin switch PI-RUN: CM4 reboot on RTC interruption
GN-EN: CM4 shutdown on RTC interruption
D4: D4 pin is triggered on RTC interruption
21 EMC2301 Fan controller, for speed adjustment/measurement
22 RTC Battery connector Can be connected to CR1220 button battery

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