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The LoRa RFM95W module brings the magic of long-range data transmission within easy reach. Based on the LoRa RFM95W chip, this module operates at 900 MHz (configurable at 868 or 915 MHz through software settings), allowing it to achieve impressive communication distances of up to 2 kilometers in open fields using a simple cable as an antenna. With the right directional antennas and software configuration, it can extend its range up to an astonishing 20 kilometers. This module offers the exciting prospect of transmitting data over significant distances, but it prioritizes low-speed communication rather than high data rates. While not suitable for transmitting audio or video, it excels at facilitating communication between various sensors, surpassing the limitations of conventional wireless technologies. Whether paired with popular microcontrollers like Arduino or PIC or any other preferred platform, the module's comprehensive documentation ensures a quick and straightforward setup process.



  1. LoRa SX1276 Wireless Module: Built around the SX1276 chip, the module employs LoRa technology, allowing for long-range data transmission and excellent penetration capabilities.
  2. Configurable Output Power: The module's output power can be adjusted from +13 to +20 dBm (up to 100 mW) through software settings, providing flexibility in balancing communication distance and power consumption.
  3. Low Power Consumption: During transmission, power consumption ranges from 50mA (+13 dBm) to 150mA (+20dBm), while in listening mode, it requires approximately 30mA, making it energy-efficient for battery-operated applications.
  4. AES-128 Encryption Support: The module offers AES-128 encryption, ensuring secure and private data transmission, making it suitable for applications that require data confidentiality.
  5. Multipoint Network Capabilities: It supports multipoint networks, allowing the establishment of individual nodes within the network for seamless and efficient communication.
  6. Wide Power Supply Range: The module can be powered with a voltage range from 3V to 5V, making it compatible with various power sources and microcontrollers.

NOTE: It is important to solder a 16cm length of cable to the antenna pin before using it since not connecting any antenna can damage it. Optionally, the board has pads to solder an SMA connector with antenna thread.



  • LoRa SX1276 wireless module with SPI interface (900 MHz)
  • Output power: +13 to +20 dBm up to 100 mW configurable by software
  • Consumption: 50mA (+13 dBm) to 150mA (+ 20dBm) in transmission, approx 30mA in listening
  • Supports AES-128 encryption
  • Supports multipoint networks with individual nodes
  • Power 3 to 5V