Soldering Iron 60W UK Plug Adjustable Temperature

AED 39.00



This soldering iron is suitable for a variety of soldering applications, providing a reliable and efficient solution for both professionals and hobbyists. The adjustable temperature feature enhances its versatility,it offers adjustable temperature settings within the range of 200-450℃/392-752℉, allowing for precision work on different types of electronic components. The inclusion of a UK plug ensures compatibility with the local power supply. The comfortable and ergonomic design of the handle, coupled with its anti-skid and high-temperature insulation features, makes it well-suited for prolonged use.



  • Temperature Range: 200-450℃/392-752℉
  • Temperature Control: Adjustable with a button on the handle
  • Tip and Pipe Sleeve: Stainless steel construction for fast heat conduction, strong recovery, and energy-saving capabilities, ensuring a long service life.
  • Handle: Comfortable-soft, anti-skid, and high-temperature insulation sheath, making it suitable for extended periods of use.



  • Type: Electric Soldering Iron
  • Color: Blue
  • Power: 60W
  • Plug: UK Plug
  • Cable Length: 1.35m/4.4ft
  • Size: 2.321.5cm/0.98.5" (LWH)
  • Net Weight: 128g


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric Soldering Iron 60W UK Plug Adjustable Temperature