Cable Connector SM JST 4-Pins F+M Set

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These 4-pin JST SM pigtail connectors are a perfect match for RGB LED strips, but they also serve as excellent general-purpose connectors for a wide range of projects. Each set includes both a male and a female connector. The wire leads are 5 inches long and terminated with a JST SM connector on one end, while the other end features bare tinned wire.



  • Male/Female Pair: Each set includes both male and female connectors, ensuring a complete and compatible connection.
  • 4-Pin JST SM Connectors: Specifically designed for 4-pin JST SM connectors, providing a secure and reliable connection.
  • 22 AWG Stranded Wire: The included wire leads are made of 22 AWG stranded wire, offering flexibility and durability.
  • Length: Each connector with connection wire measures 5 inches, offering a reasonable length for various applications.


Additional Information:

  • These connectors are designed with polarization to prevent reverse connections, ensuring the correct alignment during installation. They feature a latching connection mechanism for added security.