IC PWM Controller SG3525

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Sg3525 is a voltage mode PWM controller IC used in Most of the inverters on the market. most inverters manufacture companies use Sg3525 in dc to dc converter part of the inverter. It is a 16 pin integrated circuit. It has two PWM outputs both are an inversion of each. Another advantage of SG3525 is that it has a built-in totem pole base PWM driver. Output pins can drive semiconductor devices up to a current range of 50mA. 


  • Operating voltage = 8 to 35V
  • Error amp reference voltage internally regulated to 5.1V
  • The oscillator frequency is variable through an external resistor within the range of 100Hz to 500 kHz.
  • Facilitates a separate oscillator sync pinout.
  • Deadtime control is also variable as per intended specs.
  • Has an internal soft-start feature
  • The shutdown facility features a pulse by pulse shutdown enhancement.
  • Input under-voltage shut down feature also is included.
  • PWM pulses are controlled through latching for inhibiting multiple pulse outputs or generation.
  • Output supports a dual totem pole driver configuration.

Pinout of the SG3525 PWM Controller IC:

sg3525AN pinout diagram

SG3525 Applications

  • It is used for power electronics applications like pure sine wave inverters.
  • It is used to generate regulated voltage for dc to dc convert circuits like a buck converter, boost convert, cuk converter, and many others.