Raspberry Pi 4 ABS Case With Small Side Cover + Fan - Black

AED 47.25



Raspberry Pi 4 Model B ABS Case with Fan Black Housing Plastic Box is the ABS case designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. There is a space on the cover of the case to install the Fan.

That this link doesn't include the Raspberry Pi in the package.


1. The case made of ABS, and the case is thicker than any usual case, so it can offer better protection.

2. Precise design for Raspberry Pi 4, all interfaces and ports remain. there is a small part of the cover on the side of the case that can be removed so the cover must not be removed in order to get access to the interface via the Raspberry Pi.

3. Support install the fan on the cover, better heat dissipation.

Package list:

 1 x case with fan