Expansion IO Board V3.0 for Nano Blue

AED 18.90



This is a compact and uncomplicated Arduino Nano extension board. It will have all of the Nano pins, making wiring and experimenting easier. The product is a terminal adaptor that is ideal for prototyping Arduino Nano applications. It can connect a huge number of digital lines to an Arduino while keeping the original Nano's footprint. This adapter allows you to quickly connect an Arduino Nano to the external environment through hook-up cables. Excellent for temporary items that do not require soldering. The board has been completely assembled. There is no soldering required.


  • for Arduino Nano version 3.0, however, you can still use this adapter for the older version (just have to remember that A0-A7 are in the reverse order)
  • Size: about 5.4x4.2x1cm
  • Supply Voltage: 3 – 5V

Package Included:
1 x Nano Terminal Adapter Expansion Board V3.0