Speaker 3W 4 Ohm Loudspeaker

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High-quality speaker 3W 4R (3 watts 4 ohms) mini Speaker, mini amplifier dedicated the Speakers work by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy (motion).  The mechanical energy compresses air and converts the motion into sound energy or sound pressure level (SPL). When an electric current is sent through a coil of wire, it induces a magnetic field.

Maximum diameter 4CM
Magnet parts diameter 2.2CM
Thickness 2CM

Type: electric type (moving coil)
Uses: PA
Shape: Round
Composition: a single type
Rated Power: 3 (W)
Rated impedance: 4 (omega)
Frequency response: 170 (kHz)
Directivity: Omni
Sensitivity: 100 (dB / W)
To-noise ratio: 1 (dB)
Harmonic Distortion: 1 (TMD)

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