Prototype PCB Thermal Transfer A4 Paper (Per Paper)

AED 2.10



Thermal-transfer printing is a digital printing method in which ink is applied to paper by printing the circuit using a laser printer then we iron the paper with ink on it on the copper PCB so the ink will transfer to the copper.

Method of use:

1 . Using a laser printer print circuit boardwiring diagram to
smooth of thethermaltransfer paper;

2.by making machine to 150 - 180 degrees celsius,the side
of thermal transfer
paper printed circuit deposited in copper clad plate, transfer; 
can also be used electric iron instead ofthe making machine, 
hand transfer;

3 .after printed  remove the transfer paper,put the copper
clad plate into the ferric chloride solution for corrosion;

4.The final cleaning with gasoline toner on the circuit board.