SMD LED 1210 Emerald Green 3528 - PLCC-2 (Per Piece)

AED 0.53



The pure green color PLCC-2 LED 120 mW is a vibrant color that you can't go wrong with. 3528 or 1210 is another name that the SMD is commonly known as. This LED is used in many of today's popular electronics. We have seen them used as direct replacements in electronics to simply change the colors. They are also used for custom projects or in mass production products as well.


Power Dissipation Pd 120 mW

Peak Forward Current (1/10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width)

IFP 100 mA

DC Forward Current IF 30 mA

Reverse Voltage VR 5 V

Operating Temperature Range Topr -40°C ~ + 85°C

Storage Temperature Range Tstg -40°C ~ + 85°C

Soldering Condition Tsol Reflow soldering: 260°C For 5 Seconds

Hand soldering: 300°C For 3 Seconds