Digital Voltmeter Display Module DC 30v 0.56 Red

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The Digital Voltmeter Display Module DC30v Red does not require an external working power supply, it can work directly with the measured voltage, and the working voltage range is as wide as 4.5-30V. and the wiring of this voltmeter is simple, only two wires need to be connected, the red wire is connected to the positive, and the black wire is connected to the negative. There is reverse connection protection in the meter, and the reverse connection does not burn.

This voltmeter can be used to monitor the battery voltage of motorcycles, automobiles, etc., and grasp the battery status in time. It can also be used for other voltage measurement purposes.

Dimensions Length 48x width 29x thickness 16mm Measuring range 4.5-30V
 Hole Size 46x27mm .Low Input DC4.5V (Below. Low voltage measurement is inaccurate or not displayed)
 Lead length 20cm .High input DC30V(Higher than this voltage may burn out)
 net weight 17g  Allowable error Accurate to 0.01V below 10V, 0.1V above 10V, tolerance 1% (+/- 1 word)
 Hair weight 22g(Including the packaging) Display method Three-digit 0.56″ LED digital tube
  Display color Red
  Refresh rate About 200mS/time
Power supply No power supply
Current consumption Less than 20mA, generally 5-15mA
Operating temperature -10℃~65℃

Note: In order to achieve the best measurement accuracy, the voltmeter will automatically move the position of the decimal point according to the difference of the measured voltage. Measuring voltage below 10V.  
At the time, two digits are displayed after the decimal point; when measuring a voltage above 10V, one digit is displayed after the decimal point.