IR Infrared HD-D200CM Photoelectric Switch Long Distance Sensor ( 2 Meters )

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Infrared on the radio sensing sensor is a kind of using the principle of photoelectric induction sensor, the objects are not limited to metal. The sensor has a far distance detecting, regulating, and measuring range, the detection range is 0-300mm, but this product is not a high precision sensor, so the measurement range by the influence of the external environment may have errors.


1, voltage: 5VDC
2, current: 5mA
3, measurement range: 0.1m-2m
4, NPN normally open (can drive the low-level signal control relay module)
5, the probe size: 20*10*8mm
6, wire length: 1m
7, sensor weight: 10g

The scope of application:
The production line of goods automatic counting equipment, security alarm system, traffic detection and so on.

Package Included:

Infrared photoelectric correlation detection sensor with line X