Cable Management Cover Wrapping Tube 8mm White 12m

AED 19.95



The Cable Management Cover Wrapping Tube 8mm (White 12m) is specifically designed to help tidy up the multiple cables and wires which can be hazardous if not maintained correctly.

By using the cable tidy kit, there is a minimized risk for frays, snags, and cross-wiring shortages, as the cables are contained in a flexible protective band.

 It is widely used for home, office, cinema, and more. Keep all wires of TV, theater, computers neat and tidy.
Flexible and bendable cable tubes make it twist to any angle as long as you want.
The cable tube provides protection for your families or pets. It prevents your pet to bite the wire and your children pull the cable out.

Material: Polyethylene
length: 12meters
Diameter: 8mm
Color: White

Package includes:
1 x Protective cable management Tube