Stepper Motor 42 With T8 Screw Lead 120mm

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 42 Linear screw stepper motor Voltage 12V and Current of 1.3A, with T8 screw motor T screw with Screw Lead long of 120mm
, for 3D printing projects


Color: Silver+Black
Power Supply: DC
Hold Torque:28N.cm
Screw Lead long:120mm

- Stepper motor, also known as the pulse motor, is based on the most basic principle of the electromagnet, it is a free rotation of the electromagnet, the action
the principle is to rely on changes in the air gap to produce electromagnetic torque.
- Excellent roadability. Its speed is not affected by the size of the load, unlike an ordinary motor, when the load increases will appear when the speed of
the situation, the use of stepper motor speed and location are strict requirements.
- Easy to control. Stepper motor is "step" as a unit of rotation, the digital features more obvious.
- The whole structure is simple. The traditional mechanical speed and position control structure is more complex and difficult to adjust, and the use of a stepper motor, makes the whole structure becomes simple and compact. The speed motor converts the speed into a voltage and passes it to the input as a
feedback signal. The speed motor is a kind of auxiliary motor. The speed motor is installed at the end of the ordinary DC motor. The voltage generated by the speed measuring motor is fed back to the DC power supply to achieve the purpose of controlling the DC motor speed.

Package Included:

1 x 42 Stepper Motor (With 120mm Screw)