3D Printer Accessories Closed Loop Synchronous Rubber Belts GT2-100-10mm

AED 9.45



High Accuracy Positioning. 2GT Timing Belt with Linear Motion Small Backlash.Suitable for positioning.
A timing belt is a part of the 3d printer action mechanism that synchronizes the rotation of the tip of the printer or CNC so that the printer tip moves and stops at the proper times during printing or milling. A timing belt is usually a toothed belt—a drive belt with teeth on the inside surface. A timing chain is a roller chain.

Type: 2GT/ GT2 Belt Loop
Material: Rubber
Application: 10mm Timing Pulley
Width: 6mm/0.236"
Loop Length: 100mm
Package including:
1Pc x 2GT-6 Closed Loop Synchronous Belts 1000mm