Robot 2WD Ultrasonic Servo Controlled Kit

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The mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install. Can be used for distance measurement, just mount the ultrasonic on the holder and both on the servo and you can measure the distance for multiple angles on the 2 wheeled car.

Kit Consist of:

  •  Arduino UNO R3 ATmega328 - Atmega16u4 (compatible)
  •  Robot 2 Wheel Drive Smart Car chassis Kit For Arduino
  •  Motor Driver Module 2ch 2A 35V L298N
  •  Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Module Distance Sensor
  •  1x Servo Motor Micro TowerPro SG90 9G
  •  Servo Nylon Holder (to mount the Ultrasonic) for SG90
  •  Expansion V5.0 Sensor board Shield for UNO Black