LED RGB Strip 60 5V WS2812 Black (1m)

AED 25.00



Experience vibrant and customizable lighting with our Individually Addressable Dream Full Color Programmable LED Strip featuring WS2812B LEDs and a built-in WS2812B IC within the 5050SMD and you will get 30 LEDs per meter. Unleash your creativity with static effects, chasing sequences, and a variety of special effects. Boasting a 256-brightness display and 24-bit color range, these LED strips provide a stunning and dynamic lighting experience. these strips offer stability that enhances your lighting setup.



  • Different Effects: Create captivating lighting displays with static, chasing, and special effects.
  • Individual Addressability: Each pixel can have its own color and brightness, providing limitless customization.
  • Cuttable Design: Easily shorten or lengthen the strip without damaging the rest, allowing for flexible installations.
  • Built-in Addressable IC: The 5050SMD houses the addressable IC, ensuring seamless integration and efficient control.
  • Compatibility: Works with programmable controllers like K1000C and popular app controllers such as SP110E, SP105E, SP108E, and more.
  • Wide Application: Ideal for making LED screens, walls, and advertising boards, and perfect for venues like hotels, KTVs, bars, and outdoor signs.
  • Easy Installation: IP30/IP65 strips come with adhesive tape for convenient mounting, while IP67 includes fixing clips and screws.



  • LED Type: WS2812B
  • LED Number: This item is 30 LED per meter
  • IC Type: Built-in WS2812B IC in 5050SMD
  • Voltage: DC5V
  • Brightness Display: 256 levels
  • Color Display: 24-bit
  • Wiring: Pure gold wires for improved quality and stability



  • Only supports DC5V; avoid using DC12V or DC24V power supplies.
  • Compatible with a range of controllers for diverse lighting effects.
  • Ideal for festive decorations, events, and creating dynamic lighting setups.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1m of Individually Addressable Full Color Programmable LED Strip This item is 30 LED per meter
  • (Note: Power adapter and controller not included; must be purchased separately)