Transistor PNP 2N5401

AED 1.05



2N5401 is a PNP Transistor specifically designed to be used in high voltage applications where load consumes very less power (i.e. Current drawn by the load is low). These types of circuits can be seen in telephone systems. It can also be used when you want a simple switching device for high voltage loads. Also, the component is cheap and easy to work with.



  • Available in Pb−Free package
  • High collector breakdown voltage
  • With  DC Current Gain (hFE) up to 100
  • The maximum voltage across collector and emitter: 150V
  • Maximum current allowed through collector: 600mA
  • The maximum voltage across collector and base: 160 V
  • The maximum voltage across base and emitter: 5V
  • Operating temperature range: -55ºC to +150ºC
  • Maximum power dissipation: 0.62 W



  • General-purpose switching and amplification
  • Telephony applications
  • High voltage application