LED 2-Color Green Red CC Module KY-011

AED 5.25



KY-011 2 color led module is a very basic module. It is basically a 2 color led on-board Common Cathode Green Red LED. There are 3 pins on the board.one is labeled G which you should connect to the ground. The other 2 are connected to a resistor (small one, 330 ohms or something like that) and from there to the inputs.


  • Color: Green + Red
  • Diameter: 5mm
  • Package-Type: Diffusion
  • Voltage: 2.0-2.5v
  • Current: 10mA
  • Viewing angle: 150 degree
  • Wavelength: 571 +644 nm
  • Luminous intensity (MCD) :20-40; 40-80
  • Stent type: long-legged