Kit Starter Basic UNO R3 Mini Breadboard LED Jumper Wire Button

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AN UNO R3 compatible kit, meet your basic needs. here you will find everything you need to start basic experiments with your Arduino Uno, Light Up LEDs, Make and Led Based Game, Learn how to code with ARDUINO

Package included:

1 x Uno R3 Development Board
1x 400 hole Breadboard
10 x 220Ω resistor 5% carbon film
10 x 1k resistor 5% carbon film
10 x 10k resistor 5% carbon film
10 x 100k resistor 5% carbon film
5 x 5mm red LED
5 x 5mm green LED
5 x 5mm yellow LED
2 x Red button
2 x Blue button
2 x White button
2 x GL5516 light sensor (photoresistor 5K-10K)
20 x DuPont pin to pin jumper wires
1 x 9V Battery clip
1 x USB Cable
1 x Plastic box