Regulator L7809 9v

AED 3.15



A fixed-voltage integrated circuit voltage regulator with many potential uses is the LM7809. The L7809 voltage regulator eliminates the distribution problems related to single-point regulation by producing 9V of positive voltage and supporting local on-card regulation. Despite being primarily intended to produce fixed voltage, it can also produce adjustable voltage when used in conjunction with other devices.



  • 9V Positive Voltage Regulator
  • The minimum Input Voltage is 11V
  • The maximum Input Voltage is 35V
  • Output Current: 1.5 A
  • PSRR / Ripple Rejection: 55 dB
  • Output Type: Fixed
  • Internal Thermal Overload and Short circuit current limiting protection is available.
  • Junction Temperature maximum of 125 degree Celsius
  • Available in TO-220


Pinout of the LM7809:

Pin Name Description
Input (V+) Unregulated Input Voltage
Ground Connected to Ground
Output (Vo) Outputs Regulated +9V



  • Most projects use a constant +9V output regulator to power microcontrollers and sensors.
  • Adjustable output regulators and current limiters
  • Circuit for regulated dual supply output polarity protection