CAN BUS Shield for Arduino (Assembled) RobotDYN

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The CAN-BUS Shield for Arduino offers versatile connectivity to vehicle and industrial CAN communication buses. It integrates key components for CAN communication, supports Arduino IDE, includes a MicroSD card module with signal stability features, and provides convenient pin configuration. Additional connectors for I2C, UART, and GPS make it adaptable for various applications. Users should be aware of potential multiple CAN connectors and consider using a twisted pair cable when necessary.


  1. Versatile Connectivity: The CAN-BUS Shield facilitates Arduino's connection to the communication bus (CAN) of vehicles and industrial equipment. It connects to the vehicle using a standard 9-terminal D-Sub connector, compatible with OBD-II cables.
  2. Integrated CAN Components: Equipped with MCP2515 (CAN-controller) and MCP2551 (CAN-transceiver) circuits, this shield enables seamless utilization of the CAN-BUS interface.
  3. Arduino IDE Compatibility: Users can control CAN-BUS communication with ease, utilizing external libraries available in the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  4. MicroSD Card Support: The shield includes a built-in module for working with MicroSD cards, enabling data storage and retrieval, both locally and via the CAN-BUS.
  5. Signal Stability: Utilizing the CD4050 buffering circuit, the MicroSD card module efficiently converts 5V to 3.3V signals. This ensures signal stability, particularly during high-speed data reading and writing, surpassing traditional resistor-based solutions.
  6. Pin Configuration Made Easy: The MicroSD module utilizes the SPI interface and Arduino pins D9, D11, D12, and D13. Detailed instructions for pin usage are conveniently located on the underside of the shield. The CAN controller utilizes pins D9, D11, D12, and D13, with data stream switching facilitated by D9 control pins for the MicroSD reader and D10 for the CAN controller.
  7. Additional Connectors: The shield boasts an onboard I2C connector, a serial UART connector, and a GPS connector, providing flexibility for further expansion of capabilities.
  8. GPS Module Compatibility: To prevent conflicts with other devices connected to pins 0 (RX) and 1 (TX), a switch is included for connecting to pins D3 and D4 when using a GPS module, which communicates through UART.
  9. Plug-and-Play: The shield arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Please note that the OBD-II wire is not included.
  10. Compatibility Warning: Some vehicles may feature multiple CAN connectors, with some potentially blocked by the manufacturer. In such cases, the use of a twisted pair cable (CANH and CANL) may be required for a successful connection.