Pump DC3V 5V 3W Water Pump

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This 3-5V 3W Pump is a Small size liquid pump but very strong which can eject the water for 1m far, low consumption, and high efficiency. Multi-purpose. Can be used as a water suction pump, vacuum pump. 

These pumps move fluid using a rotating mechanism that creates a vacuum which captures and draws in the liquid, Advantages: Rotary pumps are very efficient for fish tank water changes, experimental models, inflatable small pool, tea machine, grain oil pumping station, car scrub, etc. 



Length: 64mm
Diameter: 34mm (motor diameter: 24mm)
Voltage: DC 3.7V
Current: 0.7A
Power: 3W
Flow: 1L / min
fluid Ejection: 1M
Adapted water pipe needed: 7/10 silicone tube
highest tolerant Water temperature: less than 80 ℃

the pump is polarised, you can try with some water to see if it eject it.
the pump doesn't work inside water you need to use a pipe, not submersible.
when running the pump for a too long a time there should be load(water or other fluid), or the pump will get damaged.
Not designed for continuous working under load or no load you should let it cool.