Cable RJ45 CAT6 Flat Ethernet LAN Network Wire 2 Meter

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Cable RJ45 CAT6 Flat Ethernet LAN Network Wire 2 Meter, commonly referred to as Cat-6, is a cable standard for Gigabit Ethernet and other network protocols that are backward compatible with the Category 5/5e and Category 3 cable standards. The cable standard provides performance of up to 250 MHz

  • Connectors: RJ45 male to RJ45 male
  • Type: Patch (Straight Through)
  • FTP (Foil Twisted Pair)

This CAT6 Lan Cable is designed for PC, Mac, Laptop, Raspberry Pi, any Ethernet Module, PS2, and Xbox to hook up on high-speed internet from DSL, Cable, T1, DS1, DS3, internet, and GigaBit Network.


• Cat6 PC-HUB cable with high speed.
• Deliver performance to 550MHz and 1000Mbps.
• Male to Male RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable.
• Ultra thin flat cable with a thickness of 1.4mm! • Flexible, Durable, Flame-Resistant.
• Compatible with all RJ45 jack configurations.
• This cable connects all the hardware destinations on a Local Area Network (LAN).
• Cat.6 cables are used for networking, data transfer, and phone lines primarily.
• Connect a PC to a DSL/Cable Modem, Hub, Switch, and Router. Connect an Xbox to DSL/Cable Modem, Hub, Switch, Router, or PS2 Play Station.
• You can stay ahead of the game with the use of this high-speed cable to distribute data, voice, and video.
• Flat cables fit easily between cramped spaces improving the look of your home or office because they are flat and easy to hide.
• These flat cables are a perfect fit under carpets, up walls, and even behind furniture.


• Color: Blue.
• Cable length: 2m.
• Cable thickness: 1.4mm.
• Transmission speed: 1000Mbps.
• Tensile strength: 250N.
• Weight: 25g.