Diode Schottky Switching Rectifier Diode 100 Pcs Assortment Kit

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This 100 piece Schottky and switching rectifier switching diode assortment kit includes eight switching diode types, convenient for DIY and equipment and electrical appliance repairs.

The Schottky Diode is another type of semiconductor diode but has the advantage that their forward voltage drop is substantially less than that of the conventional silicon PN-junction diode.

Schottky diodes have many useful applications from rectification, signal conditioning, and switching to TTL and CMOS logic gates due mainly to their low power and fast switching speeds.

PN-junction diodes are formed by joining together a p-type and an n-type semiconductor material allowing it to be used as a rectifying device, and we have seen that when Forward Biased the depletion region is greatly reduced allowing current to flow through it in the forward direction, and when Reverse Biased the depletion region is increased blocking current flow.

Advantages of Schottky Diode

  • It has a fast recovery time due to the very low quantity of stored charge. So this diode is used for high-speed switching applications.
  • It has a low turn-on voltage.
  • It has low junction capacitance.
  • The voltage drop is low.

Package includes:

25 Pcs 1N4148 Switching Signal Diode DO-35

25 Pcs 1N4007 1A 1000V Rectifier Diode DO-41

10 Pcs 1N5399 1.5A 1000V Rectifier Diode DO-15

5 Pcs 1N5408 3A 1000V Rectifier Diode DO-201AD

10 Pcs FR107 1A 1000V Fast Recovery Diode DO-41

10 Pcs FR207 2A 1000V Fast Recovery Diode DO-41

10 Pcs 1N5819 1A 40V Schottky Diode DO-41

5 Pcs 1N5822 3A 40V Schottky Diode DO-201AD