Current NTC 47D-15 Thermal Resistor

AED 2.10



Negative temperature coefficient Power NTC thermistor for Conversion power-supply
NTC 47D-15 Inrush Current Limiter Power Thermistor 47 ohm 3Amp 16mm disk

General Introduction
When you turn on a piece of electrical equipment, the surge current can be restrained by a power
NTC thermistor connected in series with the power circuit. Because of the continuing action
of the current, temperature of power NTC thermistor raising, the resistance will rapidly drop to
a small value, so the consumed power can be ignored. Therefore, using a power NTC thermistor
is the most effective and most brief measure to restrain surge current, protecting electrical
equipment from destruction.


Current Limiting Resistance: 47 ohms

Max Constant Current State: 3 Amps

Size: 16.20mm


width, 8mm

lead spacing 4-piece pack Power 47d-15 NTC Thermistors provide inrush current suppression for sensitive electronics. 

Connecting a 47d-15 in series with the power supply will limit the surge current normally created to turn on. 

Once the power circuit the resistance of the 47d-15 will rapidly drop to a value, very low power consumption can be ignored, and there will be no effect on normal operating current.

1. Conversion power-supply, switch power, ups power.
2.Electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic ballast, and all kinds of electric heaters.
3.All kinds of RT, display.
4.Bulb and other lighting lamps.
1.Small size, strong power, and strong capability of surge current protection.
2.Fast response to surge current.
3.Big material constant (B value), Small remain resistance.
4.The longevity of service, High reliability.
5. Integral series, extensive operating range.