Fingerprint Optical Sensor As608

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The fingerprint algorithm extracts features from the acquired fingerprint image and represents the fingerprint information. The storage, comparison and search of fingerprints are all done by operating fingerprint features.
2. Fingerprint processing includes two processes: fingerprint registration process and fingerprint matching process (in which fingerprint matching is divided into fingerprint comparison (1:1) and fingerprint search (1:N) two ways).
When the fingerprint is registered, two fingerprints are entered for each fingerprint, and the input image is processed twice. The synthesis module is stored in the module.
When the fingerprint is matched, the fingerprint sensor is used to input the fingerprint image to be verified and processed, and then it is compared with the fingerprint module in the module (if it is matched with a module specified in the module, it is called fingerprint comparison mode, ie, 1:1 mode. If matching with multiple modules is called fingerprint search.
Product Parameters
  • Supply voltage: 3.3VDC
  • Model: JM-101B 1923
  • Operating current: <60mA 
  • Peak current: <70mA 
  • Fingerprint imaging time: around 1.0 seconds
  • Window area: 15.3mm x 18.2mm
  • Signature file: 256 bytes
  • Template file: 512 bytes
  • Storage capacity: 162 templates
  • Interface: TTL Serial
  • Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600 (default is 57600)
  • Temperature rating: -20C to +50C
  • Resolution: 500 dpi
  • Backlight colour: Blue
  • Full Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 22mm
AS608 Optical Fingerprint Reader Module is an all-in-one optical fingerprint sensor will make adding fingerprint detection and verification super simple. It is compatible with most embedded microprocessor like Arduino.
Package Include : 
1x AS608 Module