Spacer Screw Nut M3 300 Boxed Hexagonal Copper Columns

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300PCS Female/Male Brass Copper M3 Hex Column Spacer Threaded Screw Nut Pillars Knurled Standoff Spacer Kit

Quantity: 300 PCS
Color: Yellow
Material: Brass
Diameter: M3

Size: Thread diameter x Column length + Thread length
M3* 5+6: 25 PCS
M3*10+6: 25 PCS
M3*15+6: 25 PCS
M3*20+6: 25 PCS
Thread diameter x Column length
M3*5 : 25 PCS
M3*10: 25 PCS
M3*15: 25 PCS
M3*20: 25 PCS

Cross Round Head Screw: 50 PCS
Hex Screw Nuts: 50 PCS

Suitable reinforcement accessories for connection of machine,home decoration, automobile

Package include:
1x 300 PCS M3 Brass Copper Pillar Stand Off