Solar Panel 5V 500mA - 130x150mm - With Wires 1Meter

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Discover the power of green energy and embrace environmental protection with our high-efficiency solar panel, designed to fuel your science projects and eco-friendly endeavors. This versatile panel is the perfect fit for a wide range of applications, from illuminating solar garden lights and emergency lighting to powering solar street lamps and water pumps.

Key Specifications:

  • Voltage: 5.5V
  • Material: High-rate solar cell epoxy resin AB glue, PCB or fiberglass backplane

Versatile Applications:

  1. Small Home Projects: Unleash your creativity for DIY home applications.
  2. Science Projects: Harness the potential of solar energy for your scientific experiments.
  3. Electronic Applications: Power your electronic devices with clean, sustainable energy.
  4. Charging Small DC Batteries: Keep your batteries charged and ready for action.
  5. Build Your DIY Powered Models: Create solar-powered models, toys, and captivating solar displays.

Optimizing Solar Panel Performance: The performance of our solar panels hinges on several factors:

  • Load Impedance: Select the appropriate load impedance for optimal results.
  • Sunlight Intensity: Maximize efficiency with exposure to ample sunlight.
  • Temperature: Be mindful of temperature variations affecting panel performance.
  • Shadow: Minimize shadows obstructing the panel's exposure to sunlight.

Use and Testing Guidelines: To ensure accurate testing and peak performance, consider the following:

  • The product is designed for testing under direct sunlight, with nominal peak power achievable during midday sun. Please note that morning or dusk sunlight may not provide sufficient strength.
  • Indoors, solar panels may yield negligible readings as they require direct sunlight for accurate output. The indoor light source differs significantly from natural sunlight, so remember to test your project under optimal conditions.