Servo Motor Metal Gear MG946R High Torque

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MG946R Digital RC Servo Motor Metal Gear Torque 13Kg for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

RC servo is a commonly used actuator in the educational robotics project. The nature of RC Servo allows the user to control its rotation angle become the advantage compare to the DC geared motors. This metal gear RC servo with 13kg.cm holding torque is a heavy duty solution for student robotic projects who want to build robot arm or linkages that required high torque. 

Model: MG946R TowerPro.
Material: plastic and Copper.
Dimension: 41mm x 20mm x 43mm.
Stall torque: 10.5kg/cm(4.8V),13kg/cm(6V).
Operating voltage: 4.8-7.2V.
Operating speed: 0.20sec/60degree(4.8v); 0.17sec/60degree(6.0v).
Temperature range: 0 c-55 c
Gear Type: All Metal Gears.
Dead band width: 5us.
Power Supply: Through External Adapter.
Connector Wire Length: 300mm.
Weight: Approx 55g .
Package weight:Approx 66g/unit
Color as pictures showed.
Compliant with most standard receiver connector: Hitec,Sanwa,GWS etc... 
Great for truck,Boat,Racing Car,Helicopter and Airplane