Servo Motor Metal Gear MG946R High Torque

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The MG946R Digital RC Servo Motor with Metal Gears, boasting an impressive 13kg.cm of torque, is a versatile and robust choice for a wide range of applications in educational robotics projects, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and various robotic systems. Its ability to precisely control rotation angles sets it apart from traditional DC-geared motors, making it an excellent fit for tasks that require high torque. Here's an in-depth look at its features and specifications:



  • High Torque: With a remarkable 13kg.cm holding torque, this servo motor is designed to handle demanding tasks, making it ideal for robot arm construction and other projects requiring substantial power.
  • Metal Gears: The MG946R is equipped with all-metal gears, ensuring durability and reliability even under heavy loads and continuous operation.
  • Compact Design: Measuring at 41mm x 20mm x 43mm, this servo motor can easily fit into tight spaces, making it suitable for various robot configurations.
  • Wide Voltage Range: It operates within a voltage range of 4.8V to 7.2V, allowing compatibility with different power sources and control systems.
  • Precise Movement: The servo motor provides precise movement control with an operating speed of 0.20sec/60 degrees at 4.8V and 0.17sec/60 degrees at 6.0V.
  • Temperature Resilience: Its temperature range of 0°C to 55°C ensures reliable performance in various environmental conditions.
  • Dead Band Width: The servo features a dead band width of 5us, minimizing oscillations and ensuring stable positioning.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This servo motor is compliant with most standard receiver connectors, including Hitec, Sanwa, GWS, and more, making it a versatile choice for different applications.
  • Application Diversity: It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from trucks and boats to racing cars, helicopters, and airplanes, making it a valuable addition to any robotics or remote-controlled project.



  • Model: MG946R TowerPro
  • Materials: Constructed with a combination of robust plastic and copper components.
  • Dimensions: Compact and versatile, measuring 41mm x 20mm x 43mm.
  • Stall Torque: Offers substantial torque, with 10.5kg/cm at 4.8V and an impressive 13kg/cm at 6V.
  • Operating Voltage: Versatile voltage range, supporting operation within 4.8V to 7.2V.
  • Operating Speed: Provides precise movement control, with an operating speed of 0.20sec/60 degrees at 4.8V and 0.17sec/60 degrees at 6.0V.
  • Temperature Range: Withstands varying environmental conditions, operating reliably between 0°C to 55°C.
  • Gear Type: Features durable all-metal gears, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Dead Band Width: Minimizes oscillations and maintains accurate positioning with a 5us dead bandwidth.
  • Power Supply: Compatible with external adapters for a flexible power source.
  • Connector Wire Length: Equipped with a 300 mm-long connector wire for convenient installations.
  • Weight: Lightweight, weighing approximately 55 grams, making it suitable for various applications.