Raspberry Pi Dual Fan With Heat Sink

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Is your RaspberryPi temperature is rising?  if you raised the RPi speed or want the maximum performance out of your Pi you will observe the performance of the Pi decreasing because of the lake of temperature dissipation but we got you a solution - the Raspberry Pi Ultimate Cooling Dual Fan!

This fan is high-speed yet low noise and includes a heat sink. 3M thermal tape is included to help with easy installing and ensure the efficient and swift cooling of the processor. It's ideal for your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as it was designed to be compatible with the most popular cases.

Note: Be sure to leave room for the GPIO, and keep the heat sink away from the capacitor.

Only for Raspberry Pi 3B+.
High airflow, low noise, long life, rusting resistance.
The fan has made from high-quality materials, silicon steel sheets, and enameled wire, which has higher reliability, high-temperature resistance,
The fan is fixed to the heat sink with 8 screws. The back is equipped with a 3M 8810 heat-dissipating sticker, which has a remarkable heat dissipation effect.


Material Aluminum Alloy
Color black
Size 51*25*13mm
Voltage 5V
Current 0.3A
Power 1.5W
Speed 7000rpm
Noise 30DBA

and this is How to use and connect the Raspberry Pi Dual Fan With Heat Sink:

Raspberry Pi 4B Dual Fan with Heatsink

Package included:
1x Raspberry Pi 3B+Dual Fan for Air Cooling with Heat Sink