Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC LCD Display USB Tester KWS-MX17

AED 59.00



The MX-17 USB Charging and Testing Device is a versatile tool designed for assessing a wide range of parameters in USB-powered devices. It provides valuable insights into USB charging current, voltage, discharge capacity, electric charge quantity, power consumption, timing, and other intelligent device parameters. The device features a user-friendly display that updates somewhat slowly but effectively presents seven crucial parameters: voltage in volts, current consumption in amperes, elapsed time since the start of charging in hours, minutes, and seconds, power consumption in watts, watt-hours of energy consumed, milliamperes filled into the battery (a critical indicator for checking actual battery capacity), and ambient temperature in degrees Celsius.



  1. Input Voltage Range: The MX-17 supports input voltages ranging from 4V to 30V, making it suitable for a wide range of USB-powered devices.
  2. Current Measurement: It can measure input currents from 0 to 5A, ensuring an accurate assessment of device power consumption.
  3. Cumulative Capacity Tracking: This device offers a cumulative capacity range from 0 to 99999mAh with a precision of 0.001Ah, allowing precise monitoring of battery charge and discharge.
  4. Energy Consumption: It calculates cumulative energy consumption in a range of 0-999999mWh with a precision of 0.001Wh, providing insights into power usage.
  5. Power Consumption: You can measure cumulative power consumption in the range of 0-299.999W with a precision of 0.001W.
  6. Timing Function: The MX-17 offers timing capabilities with a maximum range of 999 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, accurate to within 1 second.
  7. Parameter Testing: Assess critical parameters such as battery voltage, current, discharge capacity, electric charge quantity, power, and time.
  8. Communication Function: It includes communication capabilities for data transfer.
  9. Parameters Adjustment: You can adjust parameters using an electronic load and a constant current source. Multiple current models (3A, 2A, 1A, and 0.3A) are available for adjustment, allowing for precise testing.
  10. Data Reset: Easily reset data by pushing a button to move to the next set of parameters, which start from zero.
  11. Overvoltage/Under-voltage Protection: In the event of overvoltage or under-voltage, the device displays a warning symbol and emits a rapid beeping sound to alert users.
  12. Quick Display: Upon connecting the power supply, the LCD screen swiftly displays all relevant parameters. It also recalls the parameters used in the previous session.
  13. USB Compatibility: The USB output port can be connected to data lines, discharge resistors, or other cable devices with data communication functions, without affecting data transmission.


Measurement Limits:
  1. Voltage: 4 to 30 volts
  2. Current: 0 to 5 Amps
  3. Time: 0 seconds to 99 hours
  4. Watt: 0 to 150 W
  5. Watt-hours: 0 to 99999 Wh * h
  6. Milliampere: 0 to 99999 mAh (up to 99.9 amperes)
  7. Temperature: +5 to +80 degrees Celsius
  8. Data Group: 1 to 9 (for storing multiple dimensions)


Application Examples:

The MX-17 is particularly useful when assessing mobile phones and digital devices with unstable current and voltage levels, especially when they have low or full batteries. It can be employed as a USB 1A or 2A discharge resistor for accurate capacity measurement, providing valuable data for mobile power discharge capacity. Typically, the discharge capacity is approximately 1.9 times the battery capacity.


Note: While the device's display may not update rapidly, it effectively serves its purpose in evaluating USB-powered device parameters. It provides flexibility through multiple data groups for convenient data storage and retrieval.