DC-DC Step-Down Buck Converter 9v 12v 24v To 5v USB 3A

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DC-DC USB step-down charging module (with working indicator) that has an input voltage of 6v to 26v and 5v output, with 3A of current with heatsink and 2A without Heatsink. good for mobile charging and DIY bench power supply


Dimensions: L42mm * W16mm * H5mm
Input: 7.5V-28V
Output: 5V / 3A
Conversion efficiency: 96% (Max)
Switching Frequency: 1.5MHZ (Max) Typical 1MHZ
Working temperature: -40 'C - + 85 'C
Output voltage: 5.2V (consider charging line loss. the output is about 5.2V. the load side is about 5V)
Maximum output current: 3A (in the absence of heat dissipation devices, the stability of the output current is 2A) 

Note 1: positive and negative poles can not be connected wrong, and the input voltage should not exceed 26V, otherwise it will lead to chip damage! 

Note 2: when the power is on, you can not touch the sampling resistance on the circuit board, IC connections.
Otherwise, it may lead to a sudden loss of output voltage damage equipment!

Tip: This is a step-down charging module, which indicates that the current 2A refers to the upper limit of the load current, and the charger can not be marked 2A current charging speed. For some of the basic electronic customer

Note: do not think that the nominal 3A current will burn out the device. The charging current is determined by the device! Most of the device's charging current is 0.8-1.5A. 

Package Include: 1PCS x DC-DC 5V USB Converter