Acrylic Shell Enclosure Protective Box MEGA2560 Black

AED 26.25



This is a great protective case designed specifically for Arduino Mega2560 R3. The case provides slots to access each header, USB port, a power jack, power switch. This is a really durable case that will do a great job for Arduino Mega 2560 R3 protection! 


A Black Protective case designed specifically for Arduino Mega2560 R3. 
The case is a two-piece injection-molded ABS enclosure that snaps together for Arduino protection. 
Holds the board firmly in place. 
It is very sturdy all around, providing tough protection for Arduino. 
Integrated on/off switch on this enclosure for easy power on / off. 
Access to all for Arduino Mega R3 connectors. 



Size: Approx. 11 * 6 * 2.5cm / 4.3 * 2.4 * 0.98in
Material: ABS
Package weight: 43G 
Compatibility: For Arduino Mega 2560 R3