Expansion Board Screw Study Terminal Shield V2

AED 34.65



This pair of adapter strips fit into the Arduino UNO's sockets to give tough screw-terminal connections to all of the pins. This adapter may be sandwiched between the UNO and another shield using standard stacking headers. Duplicate connections for voltage and ground lines are supplied, making this an extremely useful and inventive board.

This shield hangs like two wings over the side of your Arduino UNO and gives a simple, versatile, and low-cost solution to connect bare wires directly to your Arduino - There is no need for complicated crimp pins and housings. Except for two more pins, this shield is built exclusively for the Arduino UNO R3, however, it also works with the Arduino UNO and Arduino UNO R2 versions. These pins merely protrude from the rear and do not connect to anything on the R2 or Original UNO boards. If you are not utilizing these two additional pins on an Arduino Uno R3, we recommend covering them with electrical tape or heat-shrink to avoid accidentally shorting or harming your UNO R2 or UNO board.



  • Color: red
  • Compatibility: Arduino UNO R3, Arduino UNO R2
  • I/O Screw terminals.
  • Directly plug-able.
  • Material: Metal, plastic


Package Includes:

2 x Terminal block extension boards